Friday, February 29, 2008


So its FRIDAY!!! I love Fridays! Usually when I get off work on Fridays, I want to go do something. This Friday was different. I just wanted to come home and do things around the house and just hang out. Eric was surprised but glad. He had a hard day at work and was worn out so he didn't really want to do anything but stay home. We are just having pizza for supper and then I will probably go to the grocery. We need a few things and I would like to go and get them before the weekend when the stores are more crowded.
Work has been going well. Its so nice to be back in a routine. I will post pictures from the weekend, until then, have a great weekend!!!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

It's almost Friday!!!

Tonight was a very busy night. After work, Eric and I met my Mom and Barb at Texas Roadhouse for dinner. We love their food and it was a quick meal for us.

My niece, Madison, had a choir performance at her school and so after dinner, we went to hear her sing. I didnt get to come home after work so unfortunately I didn't bring my camera to get any pictures. It was a really nice performance. There are a lot of kids in choir and it was fun to watch all of the kids sing.

And last but not least, tonight is Survivor night. We went to Chuck and Amys to watch it. Poor Mikey got voted off. I personally think Chet should have been voted off for his lack of helping out.

Oh yeah, I went back to work today too! I was really glad to see everyone. I feel like the new kid on the block but I am sure I will get the hang of things again very quickly! ha! Well, its off to bed for me! Hopefully I will get to post again very soon. Now start leaving some comments people! ha!

A night with our niece and a Purdue game!

So last night Eric and I went to see his niece and his sister. We took pizza over there and visited foe a while. Camryn is getting so big and talking so much more. She is a cutie!!

Here is Camryn standing in the kitchen, willing to let me take a picture of her! So cute!

She was smiling so much by the time I took this that her eyes were shut! She was really laughing at this point.
We have season tickets for the Purdue games. The game last night was at 9PM which is usually a little late for me but since I didnt have to get up and go to work, I went! It was a great game, even though the refs were not fair. Purdue beat Minnesota, yeah!!!

The boys working out before the game started. Gotta stretch.................

I go back to work today and I am excited and a little nervous! Can you believe I would be nervous? I mean, I have worked there for almost 5 years, why would I be nervous???
Tonight is Survivor. Eric got me watching that show. Before we met, I never watched it. Now I have to watch it! Its so good. We usually go to Eric's cousins house to watch it. Maybe they will come to our new house and watch it? Who knows????????????? Happy Thursday everyone!!! Start leaving comments................................

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Lunch and Dr. Appt............

Today has been a great day. I went to lunch with my friend Donna at Arnis.

Donna and I have been good friends for quite some time. We used to go out about every Friday night in our single days! Now we are both married and she is expecting a little one in about 4 weeks. I am hoping she has Shelby on my birthday!!! That would be exciting!!!

After lunch, I went to see Dr. Sunkel for my checkup from my surgery. He said I am doing great and can go back to work tomorrow! YEAH! I am so excited! Now ask me in a week and I will be ready to stay home! ha! I just really can't say enough great things about Dr. Sunkel. He is very very nice, easy to talk to and is there for me when I need him. The thing I like is that when I call his office, I get to speak to his nurse right away and I dont have to wait around for her to call me back. I think that is so nice. Here is a picture of Dr. Sunkel I got off their website. It looks pretty much like him but he is a little older than this pic and his hair is much shorter.................

I think its good to have an OBGYN that you like and can trust. That makes all the difference in the world...............

Tonight Eric and I are going to pick up our NEW dishwasher!! We got it at HH Gregg's. I hope its nice and works really well. I have been so blessed to always have a dishwasher and now that ours is broke, neither one of us want to do the dishes! ha! I just feel better when they are ran through a dishwasher as far as germs go. Heck, with all the bugs going around, its a wonder we havent gotten sick! Cross our fingers.............

After that, we are going to visit Eric's niece, Camryn and his sis, Carrie. Camryn is almost 4 and she has been asking to see us. She is so cute and fun! I will take my camera tonight and get a pic of her.

I think Eric and I are going to grab dinner before going to the Purdue game which starts at 9pm. Boy am I glad I dont have to work tomorrow til noon! It will be a late game but fun to go to. Maybe I can get some more pics there at the game. I need to start carrying my camera for my blog now that I am going to be a "regular"!

Happy Hump Day!!! :)

Monday, February 25, 2008

More Snow...........................

Well, we are to get more snow starting tonight after midnight............which it has already started...................with an accumulation of up to 5 more inches! I don't think spring is ever going to get here!! I am beginning to think its going to stay like this forever! Its so depressing after a while. Does anyone feel this way????
We didnt do much over the weekend, which was nice. We mostly did things around the house to get more organized. The whole downstairs is done and I worked on the upstairs today. I am hoping to get my scrapbook room done tomorrow if I am not shoveling!
Tomorrow I get to pick up my nieces from school and bring them home with me. Madison is 10 and Riley is 6. I will try to get some pics of them and post. They were in the cookie making post too. I think Eric and I will take them out to eat for dinner?? Wednesday I go to the doctor so I can get released to go back to work!! I am really looking forward to that. We have no plans for the weekend so we may just relax...................................................Hope everyone has a great week!

Friday, February 22, 2008


Okay, I am so ready for spring!! Once again, it snowed today. We probably got 2-3 more inches and do you think they touched the roads with snow plows?? NO! Some spots were good but most of the roads were covered in snow and ice, nice, huh?? Our new house is in a cul-de-sac and guess what, someone cleared out the whole court! I couldnt believe it! Okay, here is the forecast for the weekend: Forecast Focus: A Winter Weather Advisory is in effect through 7 p.m. for most of the area. Precision 18 Doppler shows yet another batch of sleet and snow to get through between 1 p.m. and 7 p.m. Any sleet that mixes in should change to all snow by 4 p.m. Expect acccumulations in the one to three inch range and be very careful traveling to basketball games with slick roads likely.
Tonight: We will have gradual clearing by morning and it will turn cold with lows in the lower to middle teens. We could have some patchy freezing fog develop late with a light northeast wind.
Saturday: Early patchy freezing fog and then turning sunny. It will still be cold with highs near 30. A northeast wind will be at 5 to 12 mph.
Extended Outlook: We could hit 50 on Monday before our next cold snap and chance of snow returns on Tuesday. The good news is that we are getting ready to head into March and even though it still looks like an active pattern, we will now be able to mix in a few really nice days from time to time!
So, we MAY hit 50 but more than likely, we wont. That is good ol' Indiana weather for ya! What's everyones plans for the weekend? We are planning on getting organized in our home and putting things away. Its gonna be a good weekend to stay inside! I would like to get most of it done before I go back to work on Thursday.............................
Which place would you all like to be?
HERE or..............................

Here...........................I pick here!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Okay, back to blog world!!

I have to admit, I am an avid blogger!! I read over 20 blogs a day and love it when something new is on their blog! I guess you could say I'm ADDICTED!!!! So, I have been in contact with a few of my bloggers and I really want to keep my blog up to date.
So much has gone on since last APRIL that I will just tell you in a nutshell what is going on!
We moved this past weekend. We bought our first house and we are sooooooooo excited! Its so much fun owning your own home. I will try to take some pics when we get the house in order and post on here. Next thing, I had to have surgery again. LSS, I had my right ovary and my appendix out just 4 weeks ago. They had to open my up just like my last surgery and so I was pretty sore for a while. I felt great once I got all 33 of the staples out. Luckily, I have a GREAT husband and family and they helped me get back on my feet. I guess you could say I got lucky as I didnt have to help move! ha! I am going back to work part time next week. I am really glad. You can only watch so much tv, ya know? ha!
I am really tired of this snow. We got more today and are still getting it. There is not a lot of accumulation but there is already ice under the snow so the roads are really slick! I guess I am glad I dont have to get up and go to work! ha!
No big plans for the weekend. We are gonna try to kick it in high gear and get most of the house in order. I have to admit, I am anal and like my house in order. I have been doing quite a bit and the downstairs is pretty much in order but the upstairs needs some serious attention. I have to say, I had great help with the decorating so far and even have pictures on the walls!
I am going to post some pictures making Valentines Day cookies. My 3 nieces were over as well as my friends little girl. They had so much fun! Until next time........................
Uncle Eric and Camryn
Madison Decorating the cookies!

Uncle Eric helping out the girls..............

Miss Ava wanted to roll out the dough..........

We are ready to make cookies...............