Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Blizzard 2007.....................

Well folks, we got the snow alright!!! I think we have gotten 12 inches so far and its blowing and drifting. My boss called me a bit ago and we are closed again tomorrow! YEAH!! I think Eric has to go in at noon so I may try to take him in the jeep since its 4-wheel drive. Planning on cleaning out the pantry and laundry room tomorrow. When I am stuck in I like to clean. You can only watch so much tv! Here is a picture from the Journal and Courier that someone took. Its from the top of the Holiday Inn downtown. Hope everyone is doing well and keeping warm!

My car buried...................

Monday, February 12, 2007

More snow.........

Not much new here except they have forcasted more snow, up to 12 inches, at least they say. We are under a winter storm watch now. All of the schools are closed tomorrow and I just got a call from my boss and they have closed ICM for tomorrow!! YEAH!! No work tomorrow! Eric is upset because they never close Purdue! Hopefully he can get in to work and get his things done and then get home before the worst comes. I can't wait for spring!! hehe!!

Tuesday, February 6, 2007


Can I just say SNOW!!! You never know if we are truely going to get the snow that is predicted but today we did!! I think we got about 6 inches and it came fast! Here is a pic to enjoy for those of you who don't get to see or drive in snow!!

Monday, February 5, 2007


For those of you who live down south, let me just say its FREEZING here in good ol' Indiana! I think the high today was like 9 with a very cold wind chill! I get to work today and guess what?? We have no heat!!!!!!!! It was 53 degrees in our building! We had little heaters plugged in and were all wearing our coats and gloves. That lasted for about 2-3 hours until they could get the problem fixed! It was not fun, to say the least!! We made it through the day and now lets pray that it will be working tomorrow when we go in. They have already made most of the schools around here on a 2 hour delay because of the frigid weather. I don't blame them as I know some little kids probably do have to walk to school. They say we are to get 5" of snow tonight but that is questionable?? We will see tomorrow when we wake up to go to work.

How about them COLTS!! They played a great game even in the rain. Coach Dungy is a great coach and deserved the win. Eric and I went to aunt and uncles and his cousins little boy, Maddix, had a Manning jersey on just like Eric.