Sunday, April 27, 2008

Emme's School Program and Open House

Emme had her school performance and open house this past Thursday. She did such a great job doing the songs and the cheers. After the first song was over, the church was silent and we hear, "Hi Bubba!!" It was so darn cute. I got tears in my eyes!!!

"We Hear Thunder"
The Home Depot Cheer

"Mighty Raindrops"

The little princess after a nights performance!

Madison and Kennady before the show began.................

Saturday we did the annual March of Dimes walk which is called March for Babies.

This is Emma Grace Walker. She was born at 25 weeks and lived for 2 months. Her mother, Amber, is Eric's cousin. This was our 5th year to walk and the name of our team is Emma's Wings. Our team raised the most money again, (around $14,000) and so we got to lead the walk! It was a chilly morning but we got warmed up soon! It's such a great cause and the walk is a lot of fun.

Saturday after the walk, Megan, Carrie and I did some shopping! I got some new NIKE tennis shoes. I really needed them since I walk everyday at work with our wellness program. We pretty much ran around all day long. Megan gave Carrie a "new do" with some high lights and she did her make-up when Carrie went out that evening.

Saturday evening we went to Amber and Jays for a little get together. We all brought appetizers and had some wine and margaritas with Ambers Margaritaville Margarita Maker. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm, they were great!

We slept in this morning and then did yard work, laundry and cleaned the house. It was a little chilly out but not too bad. It felt good to get some things done around here. After all the hard work, we treated ourselves to Fazolis for dinner.

Wednesday, Mom, Barb and I are going to Fort Wayne to the annual Vera Bradley outlet show.

They have it once a year and you can get purses and accessories 1/2 off the retail price. I can't wait!!

Have a great week and I will be back soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Paisley Moon

Well I had to work til 6pm tonight. It went pretty fast so that was a good thing. Megan wanted me to make a thank you card for one of her bosses so after work I ran home, ate and then she came over to watch me make the card! It did turn out pretty cute if I do say so myself. After the card was made, we decided to take some of the March of Dimes donations over to Amber and Jays. Megan joined us as she was interested in seeing the cute things that Amber hand-makes. I have included her web-site on here so if anyone is interested, they can take a look. Her web-site is www.thepaisleymoon.etsy. She can make just about anything you could ever think of. So, if you have a baby or little kids or know someone having a baby, check out this website for some great gift ideas!!
Its almost Friday!!! :)

Monday, April 14, 2008

Weekend Recap

Friday night, I had a Lia Sophia party. I love their jewelry and its always fun to get together with friends. I ended up having a really good party and earned over $150 in FREE, yes FREE jewelry!! I can't wait for it to come in now!!!

Saturday I went shopping with my mom, Megan and Kennady. We went to eat lunch at Pizza Hut for the buffet. After that, we went to Once Upon a Child and found some bargains for Kennady. I even found her a shirt that says, "Bubba's Hamburger Shop" (she still calls me Bubba!). It was the cutest Old Navy shirt and it ws $2!! BARGAIN!!!After OPAC, we went to the mall to find the girls' some dresses for a wedding they were going to that evening. We went to Macys and found matching dresses, how adorable!! The girls looked so darn cute in them!

Kennady and Emme

Saturday night I went out with some friends to Remington to have dinner. We ate at Millys which is a bar. They had great food. After dinner, we went down to the other bar there and hung out for a while. Man, the drinks there were CHEAP!! I got a Captain Morgan/Coke and it was only $2.50!! I was excited!!! We decided that town was not "happening" so we left and went to Brookston to the Top Notch. We had a drink there and had a good time. It was a pretty low keyed night but fun. Its nice to go out and have a good time with my girl friends!!

Sunday I cleaned house all day long. I washed the sheets and rugs and all. It was such a great feeling to get that all done. We went over to my Moms for dinner that evening and hung out with the girls, Megan and my mom. Its so much fun having them in our lives again!

Now its back to work and all that fun stuff! We have a busy week so I am sure it will go fast! If anyone is interested, we are having a Hog Roast this Saturday, April 19th to benefit our March of Dimes team again. Our team name is Emma's Wings and we want to beat out Purdue University again!! If you would like more info on the hog roast or to sponsor me for the walk, leave me a comment and I can give you more info.
Hope everyone has a great week!!!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Its about time, huh!

Hey guys!
Sorry for the delay in blogging and believe me, I have missed it. We had the internet through our lovely cable service and they got bought out and in the midst of the switching over, we lost service for a whole month!! Let me tell ya, I am far than please with COMCAST! I will NEVER go back to them. We switched from them to Verizon(for internet and phone) and will be getting DISH Network very soon. So, I am very sorry to have not blogged!

Soooooooooooooo, lets get this thing updated!!

My friend Donna, had her baby a few weeks early. She had a little girl and named her Shelby Marie. Here are some pics of her when I went to see her at the hospital.........

Here is the proud daddy...................................

We went to visit them last weekend with my nieces and my sister and here are some pics from that visit so you can see how she has changed in 2 weeks............

Kennady Holding baby Shelby................

Sorry I dont have any pictures of the new mommy but she looks wonderful and is doing great!!

We had a cook-out at our new house this past Sunday to celebrate reuniting with my sister! For those of you who know me, you probably know the story. It was the best birthday present anyone could ever give me! I love you Megan!!!

Here are some pics of the girls at the cook-out and also some of Erics niece, Camryn...........

Well, off to bed I go. I have a big day planned tomorrow for my BIRTHDAY!!! I will post pictures from the party soon...........................