Friday, August 29, 2008

Lots of things going on..........

Wow, we have been on the go and time has gotten away from me! This will be a pretty long post with lots of pictures!!!
A few weeks ago we went to my brother and sister in laws to help them set up their trampoline. Jen's sisters got them this trampoline for a wedding present last year but they wanted to wait til they moved to put it up. Well, they moved in June so up goes the trampoline!! When we got there, most of it was up and below you will see pics of Eric, Megan and Jason putting the netting on............
It was hard to get in the right position to get the net secured........

Jason, not wanting his picture taken. He should be used to it by now, right?? ha! Love ya bro!
Say "Cheese", Eric!

Hey, he's smiling, well, as much as he is going to! ha!
Emme, what a pose!
Kennady loves to pose...............
Megan, hard at work.........
Riley got to be the first one on, look at the others waiting their turn!
Emme, Charlotte and Naomi..........
Riley, Madison and Kennady
Last Saturday, we went out to eat for my in-laws anniversary. We went to this little restaurant in Thorntown, IN. They are known for their catfish and onion rings. The food was excellent and we had a good time.
Camryn and Carrie
Carrie and Gail
Eric and I
The lovebirds with Cam.........
The other night we went to Amber and Jays so I decided to take my camera to get some pics of the kids. Beatty is 2 1/2 months old and changes daily. Here is a cute little picture I got of her sitting up. I propped her up in the chair and took the picture fast! ha!
Maddix Ace
Eric and Maddix. If I go to see them and Eric is not with me, Maddix will ask, "where is Eric??" Its so cute!!!
Today is Erics birthday. We went to his favorite place to eat dinner, RED LOBSTER! We went there last year and this pic is from 2007. I took another pic of him tonight there in the same spot. Check out the two pics and how he has changed in 1 year........
2008 Hasnt changed that much, huh. I love you baby! Happy Birthday!!!!!!
I didnt know they were going to bring him ice cream with a candle. I guess since I called in to reserve the table and told the manager it was for my husbands bday, they just did it. No one was aware and Eric thought I had told them to bring it out. We were thinking about it but we didnt ask them! Too funny, right?? Well, we were all surprised and Eric was a little embarassed since they sang to him! ha!
blowing out the candles.......
Megan and Kennady
Mom and Pam
Carrie and Bill
Bill and Gail
Eric and I.....
Megan and Mom....
Kennady, man she was being silly!
After dinner, we went back to our house for cake and ice cream. Here is Eric's cake. Man, it was awesome! I got it at Marsh and it was soooooooo moist and good!
Here is Madison and Eric with matching shirts on..............
It other news................Jason and Jen found out that they are pregnant!! For those of you who don't know, Jen has had 2 miscarriages in the past 2 years and they really wanted a baby. Jen is due the end of April. She went and had her level tested and everything looked fine. On Wednesday, she was feeling uneasy and decided to go to the doctor. She went and they did an u/s and found out they are not only having one baby, but TWO!!!! They are excited to say the least!!! Please pray that everything goes well and she has a healthy pregnancy!! Oh, and we are hoping that we get a boy! ha!!!
Eric and I are going camping Saturday with his cousins. We usually try to go at least once a year and we decided to plan it for tomorrow. Its supposed to be really hot but I am sure we will have a great time! We always do when we are with them. I will take pics and try to post soon!! Have a great Labor Day weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Well on Monday, I had carpal tunnel surgery on my right hand. The doctor is in Indy so Eric took off and we headed down there. Everything went really well and I wasn't even scared when they put me out. I have had this fear with the past few surgeries and so I just told myself I was not going to get all worked up about it. My surgery started about 12:15pm and we were in the car heading home at 1:30pm! That was quick! Since I couldn't eat before my surgery, I was pretty hungry despite the crackers I had afterwards. So, Eric and I headed to Steak N Shake in Lebanon on the way home. It tasted so good!! I was really not in any pain and I just rested. They put this huge ice pack on my arm to prevent swelling so I kept it on and took my pain medicine. Carrie stopped by after she got off work to check on me. Mom, Megan and the girls came by later on as well. The doctor told me to stay home from work on Tuesday so I did. It was so nice to rest. Kennady stayed all night to "help" me and we just chilled out all day long.

Wednesday I headed back to work in my new position at ICM. I am now a paraprofessional in our large case management department. Large case means we deal with patients who are having transplants or major catastrophic illnesses. I will be sending the reports to the insurance companies as well as many other tasks which I will learn very soon. I like it as I am not on the phones constantly and do things at my own pace.

Friday night we went to Darlington to my cousin, K.C.'s, wedding reception. K.C. and her husband, Chisolm, live in Oklahoma and actually got married there in June. They wanted to have a little get together here as well. Unfortunately, I did not get any pics of the bride and groom so the following 3 pics our from K.C.'s facebook. I am sorry they are small and hard to see...............
Here is Jen, all smiles for the photo.............................
This is K.C.'s aunt on the left and my cousin, also K.C.'s aunt, Lori, on the right. Lori and her family moved to South Carolina last year and so it was really nice to see her. I used to watch her kids when I was younger. Her oldest is 24!! Wow, that makes me feel old!!!
Mom and Jason
Megan and Jason
Kennady was so excited because there is a pond around the conservation club and she got to fish! There was a nice couple there fishing and they let her take a shot.
Here is the first fish she caught!
Emme was hiding from the camera so I didn't get any good pictures of her......doesn't she look so innocent! ha!
Here is the 2nd fish she caught!!
Here it is up close...............this one was bigger than the first............
Saturday I cleaned in the morning and then Kennady came over so she could spend the night. Megan had a batchelorette party in Indy so Kennady wanted to stay with us. We marked all of her school supplies for her as she starts school on TUESDAY! I can't believe school is about to start. And let me tell ya, that girl is soooooooooooo excited! She will be going to a new school and will be riding the bus. She already has her outfit picked out!! We also watched "27 Dresses" and it was a good movie.
Sunday morning rolled around and Kennady helped me fix breakfast. We made Uncle Eric french toast and sausage links. It must of been really good because they each ate 4 pieces!! WOW! I took Kennady home this afternoon and caught up on my soap--The Young and the Restless. I fixed a nice dinner..........fresh green beans with red potatoes, pork chops and cottage cheese. I have leftover for lunch tomorrow!!
Tomorrow will start another week. We have no plans but I am sure that will change as always! ha! Have a great week!!!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Cubs Vs. Pirates

Today, Eric and I went with Rich and Cinnamon up to Chicago on a bus trip to the Cubs game. We left West Lafayette around 9am and got up there a little after 11am our time. The weather was absolutely beautiful and it was a great game because the Cubs won!! Our seats were on the lower level behind the Cubs dugout. We were under the awning so we were not hot at all. In fact, I was a little chilly at times. Here are some of the pics we took.........................
Here is the sign outside of Wrigley...........

Eric and I in front of the Ernie Banks statue as well as Rich and Cinnamon..........

The famous Cubbie Bear Bar............

View from our seats..................

My honey!!

The scoreboard
Eric told me to take this pic of the guys on the field
Eric and I
View of the roof top seats!
Us again!
More pic of the guys.......
Overall, it was a great day. We had some really great hotdogs and Cinnamon and I even tried a Maitai drink. We got into town a little after 7 and then went to ElRodeo for dinner. It was a fun day and we can't wait to go up to Chicago again!!!