Friday, July 25, 2008


*****Jason and I will be starting a new job the same week!!! *****
That's right, I got a new job!!! Most of you who read my blog know how sad, irritated, disappointed, frustrated and just plain old MAD I am with my job. Our company got bought out a year ago in June and it has been going down-hill since. We have had many, and I do mean many lay-offs recently. Our company just isn't stable. I have been putting out my resume to different companies over the past few months just like everyone else I work with. We finally had a meeting with our new owner and he says we are "stable" but we are not doing the kind of work that we market. I am not satisfied with many things and I knew it would just be a matter of time. I had sent my resume to Unity Healthcare, Clarian and Purdue University. With PU, they send you daily matches and I pretty much applied all that sounded like something I would want to do. Well..............last Friday afternoon, I got a call from Mike at the International Student and Scholars Admissions Department. We talked for a while and we set up an interview for this past Wednesday. One of my good friends, Cinnamon, used to work with Mike and she did give me a good reference. **THANK YOU CINNAMON*** I went in there with a positive attitude, and I think I just really impressed him!! I also met with one of the counselors as well. She was so sweet and I really liked both of them and I just knew this had to be the job for me. I was told I was in the top three position for this job and that I would know something early next week. I left there feeling quite satisfied and happy with myself. I tried not to get my hopes up though. I wasn't totally sure that I wanted to get out of the medical field but thought this may be a great switch for me. Mike called me yesterday and asked if I could come in today to meet the rest of the staff so I agreed. I walked in and we went to a conference room and I had to sit at the head of the table! I am not generally a shy person but talk about being put on the spot!! I kept thinking to myself that I have to sell myself to these people as I thought its up to them if I get the job! After I answered all their questions, I met with Mike and he told me had had already interviewed the other two candidates and we discussed when I might start if I got the job. He said he was going to talk with the staff and he may have an answer as soon as TODAY!! My heart was pounding and I was so excited!! It felt so right but yet I had to WAIT. So, I went back to work and was just gleaming. The girls at work knew how excited I was. One hour later, yes, just one hour, I got a call from Mike and he offered me the position!!! I was thrilled!!! Of course I told him I would have to talk it over with Eric and that I would get back with him soon. I called Eric and we discussed the pros and cons(not that there were many at all!) and decided I would take it! I called Mike back and we set a date for me to start--August 6th!!! I was a little sad and even got a little teary eyed when I told my boss and my former boss. They both understand this is a great opportunity for me and wish me the best of luck! I have four more days at ICM and I am sure I will shed a tear on Thursday even though I am going to start a new adventure!! Thanks to all of you reading this who said a prayer for me!!!! Everything is falling right into home, new job and next on the list is a baby!!! Everything happens for a reason, right??


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Followed you here through Bloggy Giveaway, but can't seem to find your give away. ;) Could you please enter me when it's posted? :P

Don't know you, but always excited to hear about new foster parents (and adoptive parents) because we seriously considered these in the midst of our journey through infertility. Congratulations!

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Congrats on both of you starting new jobs at the same time. May the jobs bring you both a lot of money and satisfaction.

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Well congratulations to you! You sound so excited for a change! I myself find it hard to change! Yes maybe that's what you need! my hubby took on a new job in June, $800 month more and only 3 minutes to work, previously we were driving 2 cars a total of 140 miles a day! EEKK! WE own our home we left, and are renting for now cuz it's 60 miles away but that's ok! Living in Kansas you have to travel(go figure) I'm not working yet. Everything has worked out thus far! Good luck to ya!