Sunday, July 20, 2008

Weekend Recap...............

Well I decided to take the day off on Friday. With the way our company is heading, any vacation time I have, I am going to take it. Kennady wanted to stay with me so she spent the night Thursday. My friend, Kristi, called and we decided to go pick blueberries at Pre-Lock Blueberry Farm. We got an early start but it was still VERY HOT!! Each of us got a bucket with a bag in it to start picking. They assigned us a row and away we went! The kids did good in the beginning and as time went on, they got tired and were really hot. Pictured below is from L-->R:
Kristi, Nina, Sophie, Aaron and Kennady.

The longer we went along our row, the hotter it was and the kids decided they would go see the horses that were by where we came in. They got to feed them and pet them and here are some pics of that.................Nina, Sophie, Mia...............

Nina, Sophie, Kennady and Mia
Nina, Sophie, Aaron, Mia and Kennady

After the blueberry farm, we went to Arnis and ate lunch and then hit the pool. Below are pics of the kids at the pool.......................................

It was so hot out and I got a lot of sun. The kids were worn out and they enjoyed their day picking blueberries and swimming.

Friday night, Eric and I went out to dinner with some friends, Rich and Cinnamon. We love going to Asahi and so that is where we went. "Monkey Boy" cooked our food and he was on a roll that night! He even let Eric balance an egg on a spatula! It was so much fun and the food was great!!!

Here is the group with "Monkey Boy" after a great meal....................................
Here is "Monkey Boy" himself, showing off!!!
After dinner, we all decided to go see the new Batman movie. It was excellent and we had a great time. Thanks again Rich and Cinnamon for a fun evening!!!
We didnt do a whole lot considering it was so hot out. I did a little cleaning and then we did go to Wal-Mart with Mom and Megan to get the girls' school supplies. Every school year, my mom buys my nieces their school supplies. This year, we had a little race and we teamed up to see who could get everything on their list the quickest. I was with Madison, Eric and Megan were with Riley and Mom was with Kennady. It was really busy in there as I think everyone in town was getting an early start on school supplies. We had to try to hurry so our team could win and at the same time, we had to dodge people in the aisles! It was fun and the winner was Riley and Eric! We were all so close so we said that everyone was a winner though!!!
After Wal-Mart, we went to dinner at Jason and Jen's. We had a really good dinner and then we headed home. When we got home, Amber and Jay called for us to come over for a while. We went over there and had a few drinks and visited with them. Before we knew it, it was almost 2am so we headed home!!!
Eric went to see Batman with his family today and I went to Indy with my Mom and Barb. Eric said he was glad to see it more than once as he probably missed a few things from Friday night. Mom, Barb and I went to eat at Cheesecake Factory for lunch before we began shopping. I am sad to say that we had the worst service ever!! We sat there for 45 mins before we even got any bread!! We never got refills on our drinks w/o asking and our server was really really slow. The food was not good at all but we did share a piece of cheesecake and that was awesome!!! So, after lunch, we went shopping at several places including JoAnns, TJMaxx, Shoe Carnival, Keystone Mall and Archivers. I am so excited b/c we are going to take a class at Archivers to make an acrylic photo album. I guess acrylic is the new thing? I am hoping to start purchasing the clear stamps to make many things. If you have not heard of Archivers, go to their website at It is an amazing store! I wish we had one here in Lafayette. After shopping all day and with the crappy lunch we had, we were hungry so we headed to Olive Garden where we knew the food would be great. We had wonderful service and our food was awesome! We headed home and now I am getting ready to go to bed for a full week ahead of us!!
Tomorrow I have to go to the dentist so he can finish my root canal. We have to finish getting our house ready for our home inspection which is Tuesday. Tuesday is our home inspection to be foster parents. Also, our niece, Camryn is having tubes put in her ears so please keep her in your prayers. We would like to try to go to our county fair on Wednesday night. Gotta get an elephant ear! ha! I also have an interview on Wednesday so please say a prayer for me! Thursday I am going to bunco at my friends. Friday we have a wedding. Saturday I think we may go to Indiana Beach for the day and Sunday my friend from high school will be here and we have my father-in-laws birthday! Its going to be a busy weeks so I will keep everyone up to date on things as i can! Have a great week!

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