Monday, September 15, 2008

Happy Birthday, Madison..........

A week ago Sunday we celebrated Madison's 11th birthday! I can't believe she is already 11 years old! We went to Jason and Jen's for cake and ice cream. Madison loves the Chicago Bears so her cake was the Bears theme. I thought they did a really good job and the cake was awesome!

Madison got some nice presents as you can see above.................HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MADISON! We love you!!!

Last week was pretty busy for us. Last Monday was Barb's birthday. Mom and I took her to Texas Roadhouse for dinner.
This is Barb with Sophie the day we moved into our house. Barb has a son, Jason, who is married to Jamie, and Barb desperately wants a grandbaby. We took this pic of her and Sophie to show Jason and Jamie if they had a baby girl, what she might look like when she is older! ha! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BARB, WE LOVE YOU!!!!

Tuesday night I had a seminar to go to for work. KPI is promoting the DRS table(what I do there) and so I went. There was not a lot of people there but hopefully more people will call and inquire about it.

Wednesday night I went with my cousin, Becky and Lara, to a Beauty Control make-up get together. It was nice and I got to try some new make-up. After that, I was to go to Amy's for dinner and then down to Amber's to help her make stuff for The Paisley Moon. Well, I was leaving the make-up party and my Jeep would not start! It wouldn't even turn over!! So, LSS, Eric and Chuck came and took Eric's battery from his Jeep(we tried jumping mine but it wouldn't work) and put it in mine and it started! So, Becky took me to Amy's and Eric and Chuck went and got me a new battery! Thanks again guys! I was thinking it could of been the alternator so we were lucky it was only the battery!

Thursday after work, our office got taken out to Mountain Jacks
We had a very nice dinner and a very informative presentation. We all got appetizers, meal and dessert! THANKS AMY!!!

Friday, our good friend, Rich, came over and we went to dinner and came back and had some cocktails. He is going through a tough time now so please keep him and his wife in your prayers.

Saturday, we watched Beatty while Amber and Jay did the Layflats show. She was a complete angel and never cried at all!!! Kennady came over and so we went to Target to get Emme's birthday present. We took her to the Otterbein fish fry that evening and she slept most of the time, plus took a 2 hour nap in the afternoon! We put her down at 9pm for the night and she slept til 5:30AM and so I got up and fed her and she went back to sleep til 9AM!!! I was shocked! What a sweet baby! I think Eric held her more than I did! We really had fun and hopefully got a little practice of what having a newborn is like! Sunday morning I gave her a bath and she loves her bath. Always smiling and never crying. We hated to see her go home but I am sure her parents and brother missed her too! Thanks Amber and Jay for letting her stay with us!! Here are some pics of her(which I did not take very good ones). Eric had her laughing pretty hard but of course I didn't capture that!

Tonight, we took Kennady and Emme to McDonald's for supper and then we went and watched Eric bowl. I took these pics from my Iphone, so the quality is not the greatest but you can see they were having fun!! Their team is in first place and their name is "The Outlaws". ha!

Tomorrow is EMME'S 4th birthday!! We are going over to Mom's for dinner and cake & ice cream! This girl is so funny, you just never know what she is going to say! I will take pics and post soon!!!!

Happy 4th Birthday, Emme, we love you!

We hope everyone has a great week!!!

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