Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Dr. Henry, Reproductive md

Well, I went to the md today and he thinks we need to do laparoscopy surgery to check out my tubes. My right side is blocked and also has water in it. Dr. Henry says if the tube was blocked at the top, it would be easy to fix but its blocked at the bottom so that is a different story. He wants to go in and see if he can cut the tube or if its too bad, he will just remove it. My left tube is suppose to be working alright but he wants to look at it when he's in there as well. So, hopefully he can get in there, and either unblock or cut the right tube and the left one will be good. If that is the case, I will have to start these fertility shots for 10-days and then hopefully everything will be alright and we will get pregnant! Please pray for us as we want to have a baby so bad!! Oh, he said worse case scenario would mean both tubes were bad and then he would have to remove them and then we would have to do in-vitro. Hopefully we won't have to go that route so keep your fingers crossed for us!! I am also going to see my new OB doctor, Dr. Sunkel, next week for my 3-month follow up on my cancer. I have to have a pap every 3 months for the first year and so far they have come back good. Please pray that everything turns out good this time as well and that I will like my new md!

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